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Big Chill Swim

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Date: Saturday 31st JANUARY & 1st FEBRUARY 2015

The second Big Chill Swim took place on a chilly winter morning on the shores of Lake Windermere, in the English Lake District. The water was just under 5 degrees, and over 580 participants travelled from near and far to compete in the races.

The third Big Chill Swim Windermere will take place on Saturday 31 January 2015, with the Big Chill Swim 1000 on Sunday 1 February 2015.

The swim area will be an outdoor laned section of the Low Wood Bay Resort Marina. Lanes will be separate by ropes, and 30m long. Each lane will have steps for both entry and exit, and your clothes will be waiting for you at the end of your race. The water will likely by less than 5 degrees. Each race will be timed, and the fastest time per age group will win each category. Make sure you stay around for the prize giving and medal ceremony at the end of the day!

The separate events will be:

  • 30m breaststroke

Competitive head up breaststroke race, all types of hats welcome! Races will be one width of the marina and held in age group divisions.

  • 60m freestyle

Competitive freestyle race. Races will be two widths of the marina and held in age group divisions. No tumble turns allowed.

  • 4 x 30m relay

A competitive yet fun team event, any swim style, mixed teams only (one person of opposite gender). Each participant will swim one width of the marina for their team.

  • 120m freestyle (New for 2015! - a few spaces left 1/11/14)

Competitive freestyle race. A new race distance for 2015 - a great challenge for those looking to increase their distance, but who aren't yet ready for the endurance 450m. Races will be 4 widths of the marina and held in age group divisions. No tumble turns allowed.

  • 450m endurance swim (SORRY IT'S NOW FULL 23/10/14)
    For experienced cold water swimmers only. A huge endurance challenge! Only touch turning allowed for 15 widths of the marina. Participants must provide summary of cold water training and experience during their registration. Minimum requirement is to swim 900m in water less than 6 degrees before the race, including witness current email/phone number contact details. This endurance swim race has limited entries. Chillswim reserve the right to refuse entry to swimmers who do not have sufficient experience (please don't be offended it is for the safety of the event).

Prizes will be awarded to the fastest time in each age group per event, as well as spot prizes for any swimmer present at the prize giving.

The Big Chill Swim Weekend:

Everyone is welcome to come along, the minimum age to participate is 16 years old on the day of the event and there is no upper age limit!

Friday 30 Jan 2015:

  • From 1600 Registration open, Low Wood Bay Resort

Saturday 31 Jan 2015:

(provisional timings only)

  • 0840 450m Endurance Swim
  • 1130 120m Freestyle
  • 1300 30m Head Up Breaststroke
  • 1400 60m Freestyle
  • 1500 4 x 30m Relays
  • 1700 Awards and prize giving
  • 1900 Celebratory meal and Barn Dance at the Low Wood Bay Resort

Get tickets for the Big Chill Swim Buffet and Barn Dance here

Barn Dance Ticket

Sunday 1 Feb 2015:

  • 0900 - 1200 Big Chill Swim 1000


Back for more!  'THE BIG CHILL SWIM 1000'

The Chillswim team are pleased to announce that on Sunday 1st February 2015 we will be hosting our second 'Big Chill Swim 1000'.  This is a 1000m non-wetsuit swim and will be open to experienced cold water swimmers only. Prospective entrants will be required to submit their details in advance, and if accepted for entry will then be invited to enter the event.

Please note that the Big Chill Swim 1000 is an extreme endurance winter swimming distance, and is designed for experienced cold water swimmers who have competed in endurance events at internationally recognised winter swims such as the SLSC Championships (2013) IWSA World Championships in either Finland (2014) or Latvia (2012), the Pirita Open, Estonia (2014) or the Bled Winter Swimming Cup (2014). If you do not have this experience we suggest that you try one of the shorter distances (30,60, 450 or our new 120m distance) for your first winter swimming competition, and build up from there. Chillswim reserve the right to refuse entry to swimmers who do not have sufficient experience (please don't be offended it is for the safety of the event).

  • Medical and water safety will be provided and each swimmer will be given a Chillswim Tow-Float to wear during the swim with their swimmer’s number (this is for safety as well as swimmer identification).  
  • As part of the entry conditions each swimmer must provide their own land support person to look after them while getting changed and recovery after the swim.  
  • Swimmers will receive a certificate, goody bag and a special memento of the swim.
  • Entries are strictly limited and groups of swimmers will set off every 30 minutes from 09:30 until 12:00 on Sunday 1 Feb.

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