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Coniston - End to End

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Date: Saturday 6th September 2014

                                                      2014 EVENT FULL

Long distance open water swimming isn’t just about swimming around buoys in a loop– it’s about the journey.  Travelling the length of a lake from one end to the other, swimming across a channel, or completing a swim from one set point to another gives the swim meaning.  You haven’t swum a lake until you have completed the full length of it. 

Chillswim specialises in open water swimming and is passionate about creating the world’s best open water swimming events.

Chillswim Coniston is a mass participation, fully supported swim the full 5.25 miles length of Coniston Water, in the Lake District. Our event date for 2014 was Saturday 6th September. DOWNLOAD THE RESULTS HERE - WETSUIT RESULTS & NON WETSUIT RESULTS

Entries are now full, and each entry includes:

  • Transport to the start and from the finish back to the race HQ car park 
  • Water safety support along the swim
  • Five feed stations along the route providing drinks 
  • Chillswim tow-float to wear during the event and yours to keep (RRP £20)
  • Silicone swim hat
  • Free parking on race day for participants
  • Medal to each participant 
  • Chillswim Coniston end to end participation certificate
  • Goody Bag

Chillswim Coniston is an amazing challenge, so why not raise money for our new official charity FRANK Water? As an outdoor swimmer you will realise more than most the importance of clean water, so support this great campaign!

Frank Water


The route will start at the south of the lake and finish at the north shore end next to Monk Coniston Car Park. After the first mile swimmers will keep within approximately 50 metres of the shore and event buoys and support water craft will direct swimmers.


Coniston Website Map

(Please note the route may be reversed depending on wind direction on the day)

Feed stations

There will be four boat-based feed stations along the route near to the shore roughly every mile of the swim with water, sports drink and gels.  You can take your own gels with you (we recommend the type that don’t require water) but please do not litter! 

The start of your swim

Chillswim Coniston is about swimming the full length of the lake in your own time. Having a good start will help you achieve your goal. Though every swimmer will select a start wave in which to start there is no mass start. There will be a rolling start within each wave time. There’s no nerve wracking waiting for the gun to blast, you’ll just start when you are ready within your allocated time window. Our unique start avoids ‘competitive starts’ which can cause people to swim faster at the beginning of the event or find themselves caught up in a pack, and will create a much more relaxed starting area.

Your swim pace and wave

Wave times selected during the registration process and groups of friends are welcome to swim together so please make sure you have selected the same waves when you enter. We welcome a variety of speeds of swimmers to the Chillswim Coniston, though swimmers are split into four pace types:

  • Wave one: Swimmers who can swim a mile between 51min – 65min mile pace
  • Wave two: Swimmers who can swim a mile between 41min - 50min mile pace
  • Wave three: Swimmers who can swim a mile between 35min - 40min mile pace
  • Wave four: Swimmers who can swim a mile faster than 34mins.

Please note that if you are entered into a wave that you are too fast for, for safety reasons our water safety team will slow down swimmers so that our safety cover remains as planned. So, if your estimated time per mile changes after your enter (due to incredible training and preparation! or conversely, injury) you should let us know and we will reassign you to the appropriate paced wave, space permitting. Please be aware that some of the waves are now full and it may not be possible to change waves - email us if you have any queries on this.

Due to the safety cover requirements of this swim, there is a cut off time for completion of the swim. Swimmers slower than 1hr 15 minutes per mile pace may be withdrawn from the event during the swim in order to keep the event within our agreed safety plan.

Chillswim tow-float

You will be given your Chillswim tow-float at registration prior to your swim. The Chillswim tow-floats are attached via a waist strap. You can purchase a swim buoy before the race to practise with at the Chillswim online shop though you will be supplied with a race specific tow-float on the day. The tow-floats are a safety measure for a mass long distance swim, they allow safety boat and other water users to see you and can act as a support during the swim if needed. These buoys cause very little resistance whilst you are swimming and are an excellent open water safety aid. Plus the bright orange colour helps to keep sharks away!

Watch this video to understand more about how the Chillswim tow-float works, and you can download instructions here.



Wetsuit/Non Wetsuit

The event is open to both wetsuit and non-wetsuit participants, with separate category results.  A Chillswim tow-float must be worn by every swimmer and will be provided at event registration.

Expected water temperature

Obviously this depends a lot on the summer that we do or don’t have, but based on historical data the average temperature for mid-September is 16.1 degrees C.  This has varied by 2 degrees higher or lower in the past depending of the weather conditions but 16 is the average. In our 2013 event the average water temperature was 15.8 degrees. Please join the Chillswim Facebook group for water temp updates. 


The start and finish time of each swimmer will be recorded and results will be posted online approximately 3 hours after the last finisher of the event.


There are prizes for top three swimmers male and female, wetsuit and non-wetsuit. The awards will be held at 16.30 at the Event HQ.

Chillswim Coniston - end to end (5.25m)