Ice Mile & Winter Swims

Ice Swimming & Winter Supported Swims in Ullswater

Chillswim can support Ice Mile, 1km (qualifying swim for Ice Mile) and 500m cold water swims.

These swims are a solo linear swim with a support boat with a lifeguard next to you the whole way and a shore based medic.

Cold water swim packages include:
  • ECG & BP Test available on the day of the swim (additional £25)
  • Medic on standby during your recovery
  • Rib boat with drop front to support your swim
  • Trophy for completing your swim
  • IISA Approved*
  • Approval of your swim on the IISA website

Support Person:
Each swimmer needs to bring their own support person and provide a medical.

Ice Mile swimmers must have completed a qualifying 1km swim according to the IISA rules. The full rules and regulations of IISA can be found here

Entry costs:
Ice Mile £175*
1km £125
500m £75

ECG Test on the day of swim £25

Please Note:
*The cost of registering your Ice Mile with the IISA is separate from the Entry Costs.
All swimmers must be members of the IISA Here

Provisional dates for Ice Swims is the 24th February 2018. 

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