Chillswim Ullswater 7 Miles End to End

Chillswim Ullswater: 7 Miles End to End. Sunday 19th July 2020


Chillswim Ullswater 2020 will be held on Sunday 19th July - this will be the 1st year of this incredible swimming event!
Swimmers will complete the full length of lake swim in separate starts based on average mile pace to give you the best experience possible. 
The Chillswim team works hard on the detail, we build great relationships with our event stakeholders, so all you have to do is focus on your 7 mile swim on event day and as with all of our events this will be a wetsuit optional swim.

Entry includes:
• Transport to the start and from the RaceHQ which also hosts the finish
• Professional water safety team supporting the swim 
• Six feed stations along the route providing energy drinks & jelly babies!
• Chillswim Ullswater silicone event swim hat
• Free parking on race day for participants
• Chillswim Ullswater event medal for each participant
• Chillswim Ullswater event hoody for each participant
• Age Group Prizes for wetsuit & non-wetsuit categories 

Entry fee:
  • Standard Entry Fee: £120
The route starts at the South end of the lake at Glenridding and finishes at the North end just outside Pooley Bridge at Park Foot Holiday Park. After the first mile swimmers will keep within approximately 50 metres of the shore and event mile marker buoys and support watercraft will direct swimmers. 

Feed stations
There will be six boat-based feed stations along the route near to the shore roughly every mile of the swim with water, sports drink and jelly babies (including a vegan option)!

Mandatory Tow-Float Use
You must wear a swim tow-float/dry bag for this event.  Please note that the entry fee does not include a tow-float but you can purchase one when entering online or via the link here. We know that a lot of swimmers already have Tow Floats so we do not include in the entry fee to reduce unnecessary waste.

How does the event work?
Here are a few tips on how the event flows and what to expect:
  • Turn up at the Event HQ either the evening before or the morning of the swim and we'll give you your race pack with swim hat, timing chip, and wrist band for your allocated bus shuttle time.  
  • Wetsuit swimmers can get changed at the Event HQ with baggage storage available. 
  • Non wetsuit swimmers take their bag with them to the start, this baggage will be transported back to the finish for you.
  • You board the bus according to your event start time (based on your predicted mile pace).
  • We have a large marquee at the start for shade (!) or rain and a relaxed atmosphere to prepare you for your full length of lake swim. A full event briefing is given to you at the start of the swim.
  • As you set off, water safety kayakers and support boats are there to look out for, and support, you.  
  • Mile markers are positioned to help guide you down the lake with feed stations starting at mile 1.
  • You can stop for a drink (and a jelly baby or 2) at the feed stations or swim past and continue on your swim on the 7 mile route
  • At the finish, your medal is placed around your neck, a warm drink awaits and it is just a short walk back to Event HQ just behind the finish area.  
  • Non wetsuit swimmers can change at the finish area and wetsuit swimmers can use the changing rooms and showers back at Park Foot Holiday Park.
  • Although this event is really about taking part and completing the journey, we do have prizes for the fastest in each age group for both wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers. 

What pace should I put down when I enter? 
The entry system asks for your mile pace. In all seriousness we'd recommend you put down a good time that you'd swim a mile in when in a pool or doing an open water event, if one time is faster than the other then put the faster time. The key thing is NOT to put a much slower time down than you can swim. We know some people want to be a fast person in a slow wave, but as each wave is based on a time band of swimmers it doesn't work for the water safety team if a 30 min swimmer is in a 45 min pace group (and you will be asked to slow down, this won't happen if you enter your correct mile pace). 

So remember that you'll be training for the event during the summer, and probably improving, and put down a good mile time to start off with. If you need to change your mile time then simply log back into the entry system at and you can change your pace up to one month before the event. On the day the more relaxed pace swimmers (65 min pace) head off first and then around every 30-40 mins another slightly speedier paced wave goes in the water. You'll have a much better experience during the swim if you put down an accurate swim time and are grouped correctly. 

What time does the event finish?
Swimmers will arrive at the finish between 1300hrs and 1500hrs prize giving will be held as soon as possible after the last swimmer is out of the water, back at the Clubhouse at Park Foot Holiday Park. If you stay for the prize giving you can expect to be on the road by 1700hrs, why not make a weekend of it up in the Lakes - there are many accommodation options available at Park Foot click for more info?

Is there an age limit?
Competitors must be a minimum of 17 years old on the day of the event. There is no upper age limit.

Is there a cut off time?
We have a cut-off swim time of 65 minutes per mile, so with the staggered starts we the last swimmer will be out of the water by approx. 1430hrs. With the sweep boat making sure that everyone is out of the water by 1500hrs, which is normally plenty of time for even the most relaxed swimmers taking in the view and having a chat!

When does registration open?
Registration will be open on Saturday from 1400 - 1800hrs, and on Sunday morning from 0600hrs to allow the early swimmers to have chance to register on either day.

Can I swim with a friend?
If you are your friend are identical paces, and have this entered in the registration system then you will be placed in the same start group. However if you have a difference of even a couple of minutes per mile we recommend that you don't try to compromise your own pace to promise to swim with a friend. We have found that inevitably one person is faster than the other, which can be frustrating for you and cause the faster swimmer to get cold waiting for the second swimmer.